Export Departman

ASA’s export division is focused on exploring new markets. We continuously monitor political, economical and cultural potentials in our target markets in order to evaluate the best strategy in entering the markets where our expertise can add value and high quality products are appreciated

Arta Sazeh Arshin

Since its inception in 2013 ARTA SAZE ARSHIN (ASA) has focused on adding value to its clients and the betterment of its craft. With over 25 years of experience, the management has endeavored to be a leader in technology by using latest equipment, while keeping the environment in mind. Due to the high demand for their products in local and international markets, the company has used the latest international standards to fulfilling the growing demand. The group has used its international market experience as-well-as market studies to develop a R&D team that can understand and implement the rapid changes in the market and the technology to meet the customer’s demand

Centeral Office

Factory : ۰۸۶۳۳۵۵۴۱۵۱

Fax : ۰۲۱۲۲۹۱۲۸۵۹